ACBSP™ – Fall 2021 CCSP® & DACBSP® Written Exams Registration

ACBSP™ Certification – Candidate and Certificant Agreement

I understand and agree that, as a condition of qualifying for ACBSP certification, I hereby accept the following terms, requirements, and releases.

  1. I accept and agree to satisfy the requirements of all current ACBSP policies, rules, and directives, including all requirements related to ACBSP certification programs.
  2. I understand and agree that I will provide ACBSP with accurate, complete, and current information, including the information in my Certification Application or Certification Maintenance Registration. I agree to notify ACBSP in a timely manner of any changes concerning the information I have provided, including my current address, telephone number, and email address. I understand that my failure to do so may result in the issuance of sanctions by ACBSP.
  3. I understand and agree to abide by the standards and rules in the ACBSP Code of Ethics and the Ethics Case Procedures.
  4. I understand and agree that, consistent with applicable ACBSP policies, procedures, or instructions, ACBSP reserves the exclusive rights to: suspend, condition, limit, revoke, or otherwise terminate my certification or certification eligibility, and any rights or privileges related to the certification process; and, suspend or terminate my examination administration, and my examination score(s).
  5. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to promptly notify ACBSP of any legal, government agency, or organizational matters in which I am a named party, including, but not limited to: lawsuits; administrative agency actions; professional disciplinary or ethics matters; malpractice claims; complaints related to my professional or business activities; and, matters or proceedings involving criminal charges, lessor offenses or similar matters (ethics disclosure matters). I have reported and fully disclosed to ACBSP all past and current ethics disclosure matters with my Certification Application or Certification Maintenance Registration. I will report and fully disclose any such future matters to ACBSP within sixty (60) days of becoming aware or receiving notice of such matters. I further understand that full disclosure requires the submission of all related documents and materials related to ethics disclosure matters, and all materials required by ACBSP. I understand that my failure to satisfy these and related requirements may result in ineligibility for ACBSP certification, or other appropriate action(s), consistent with ACBSP policies and procedures.
  6. I understand and agree that if ACBSP determines that additional information and/or documents are required concerning my compliance with ACBSP Policies, I will provide a complete and accurate response to the requirements in a timely manner. I understand and agree that my refusal or failure to provide proper responses to such information requirements may result in the issuance of sanctions by ACBSP.
  7. I understand and agree that ACBSP has the right to communicate with any person, government agency, business, or organization concerning the information I submit to ACBSP, including information related to ACBSP certification. I agree to, and authorize, the release of any such information requested or required by ACBSP.
  8. I understand and agree that all materials that I submit to ACBSP become the property of ACBSP, and that ACBSP is not required to return any of these materials to me.
  9. I understand and agree that upon receipt of an ACBSP certification, all professional biographical data concerning me will be considered public information, and may be made available to the public upon request.
  10. I understand and agree that certification by ACBSP does not imply licensure, registration, or government authorization to engage in any professional or business activities, including chiropractic sports medicine.
  11. I understand and agree that information related to my participation in ACBSP Certification Programs may be used in a confidential, limited manner for research purposes only.
  12. I understand and agree that the contents of all ACBSP examinations, examination information, and related test materials constitute confidential, proprietary, and private information and materials (ACBSP examination information), and ACBSP owns and controls such examination information. I understand and agree that my possession and review of any ACBSP examination information is for the sole purpose of taking a certification examination, and that no other person, business, or organization has any license or permission to view, receive, or use any such information. I understand and agree that I am only permitted access to ACBSP examination information for my personal, non-commercial use consistent with ACBSP requirements and policies. I will not to disclose, discuss, share, distribute, reproduce, or otherwise disclose the content of ACBSP examination information and materials in any manner.
  13. I understand and agree that all disputes relating in any way to my Certification Application, my certification(s), and any ACBSP examination will be resolved solely and exclusively by means of ACBSP policies, procedures, and rules, including the Certification Appeals Procedures. I understand and agree that ACBSP retains the sole and exclusive right and discretion to interpret and apply such policies, and to issue and enforce related decisions and actions.
  14. I represent and agree that the information I have provided to ACBSP with respect to ACBSP certification is accurate, complete, and current in all respects. I understand and agree that my submission to ACBSP of any false, misleading, inaccurate, or incomplete information can result in discipline or sanctions related to my Certification Application, or certification(s), including ineligibility, suspension, or revocation.
  15. I hereby release, discharge and indemnify ACBSP, its directors, officers, employees, attorneys, representatives, and agents from any and all actions, suits, obligations, damages, claims or demands whatsoever arising out of, or in connection with: ACBSP certification; my professional, personal, and business activities; ACBSP certification programs and activities; and, any actions taken by ACBSP.

By submitting this registration, I agree to each and all of the terms set forth above.

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