ACBSP™ Fall 2023 CCSP® and DACBSP®
Written Exam Registration Form & Practical Exam: Radiology Station Retake Exam

Please complete this online form to begin the process for the November 4, 2023 CCSP® & DACBSP® written exams & the DACBSP® Practical Exam, Radiology Station Retake exam.

Please know your application package will NOT be complete UNTIL your transcript, a copy of your current DC license, a copy of your healthcare provider level CPR card and your application registration form with exam fee are also received by our office. A copy of the ACBSP™ Certificant and Candidate Agreement and Release is now part of the exam application form. It is a required exam application document.

All exam application documents must be submitted to the national office prior to the application deadline, which is Monday, October 2, 2023.  Your CPR certification and DC license must be valid through the exam date, 11/4/23. Please submit all exam documents to the mailbox or you may fax them to 888 419 9990. Please indicate Fall 2023 exam documents in the subject line.

CPR certification –  we will no longer accept the online only version. CPR must include a hands-on component.

Also, please be advised there is a new requirement for the exam process. You MUST complete a “practice exam” prior to the actual exam. The practice exam assist exam candidates in becoming familiar with the exam process and the exam platform, which is a remote-proctored, computer-based exam platform. 

Here is the Link to register for the practice exam. The dates for the practice exam are October 16 – 20, 2023. The practice exam should take between 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

If you are paying via check, the check must be received by the national office by the application deadline date, which is Monday, October 2, 2023.

Those using a MS degree as eligibility to sit for an exam, please know that your transcripts will be reviewed on an individual basis for approval.

All exam candidates must have completed a hands-on Emergency Procedures course and it must be current.

The Written Exam Committee will host exam candidate training on 10/3/2023. All exam candidates are invited and encouraged to attend.  

Here are the meeting instructions:

Topic: Written Exam Orientation (for exam Nov. 4th 2023)

Time: Oct 3, 2023 09:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 822 1619 1357

Passcode: 803432

Please ensure the email address you list on your registration form is the email address that is accessible by you from the location where you are planning to take the exam.

Exam certification candidates may attempt the exam up to three (3) times and must pass the exam within three (3) years of the date of completion of the qualifying post-graduate education program that qualifiies them to sit for the exam.

The ACBSP™ began offering written exams via a remote-proctored, computer-based testing platform November 2020. This means travel to an exam site is not necessary. You may take the exam in the privacy of your home!

Each exam candidate will need the following: 

A computer with a web camera AND a smart phone with a camera

Download and install the lock down browser at

The exam will be located at

Here is the list of the requirements:

1. You must be in a location with a strong internet connection, as you will be streaming video. A hard-wired internet connection to your computer or laptop is the safest and most reliable connection to the internet and exam.

2. You must take the exam in a location with no corporate or institutional firewalls, as this could adversely affect your test-taking experience and proctoring. We encourage you to take your exam on a private network (e.g. at home).

3. Have your smartphone and charger or external battery, so that it can stream video for the entire duration of the exam.  The smartphone must be set to silent. Your phone must have a camera and should be placed on a phone stand so the proctor will have a stable video view of both you and your desktop during the exam.

4. You must be using a computer on which you have the ability to install software (commonly called “admin rights”). WebLock must run on the computer to open and take the exam.

a. Close all applications running on your computer, especially those with communication or video functionality (e.g. Skype and Zoom), before you go to

b. Have the charger for your computer.  The exam has two 2-hour segments with a break in-between.

c. Must have a computer that is windows-based or a MAC.  Your computer MUST have a camera.

d. Take the exam in a room where no one else has access during your exam.

e. Your desk must be free of debris. You should have nothing more than your computer, cell phone, government-issued photo ID and your exam letter which provides your exam identifier number.  You are also allowed a piece of scratch paper which must be destroyed prior to completing each session of the exam.

When you log in for the exam, you must show the proctor your valid photo ID and have access to your exam identifier number.  You will receive the exam identifier number from the ACBSP™ national office. If you have not received it two-weeks prior to the exam, please contact the national office.

Candidate & Certificant Agreement

I understand & agree that, as a condition of qualifying for the ACBSP™ certification, I hereby accept the following terms, requirements, & releases.  

I accept & agree to satisfy the requirements of all current ACBSP™ policies, rules, & directives, including all requirements related to the ACBSP™ certification programs.

I understand & agree that I will provide the ACBSP with accurate, complete, & current information, including the information in my Certification Application or Certification Maintenance Registration. I agree to notify ACBSP™ in a timely manner of any changes concerning the information I have provided, including my current address, telephone number, & email address. I understand that my failure to do so may result in the issuance of sanctions by ACBSP™.

I understand & agree to abide by the standards & rules in the ACBSP™ Code of Ethics & the Ethics Case Procedures.  

I understand & agree that, consistent with applicable ACBSP™ policies, procedures, or instructions, the ACBSP™ reserves the exclusive rights to:  suspend, condition, limit, revoke, or otherwise terminate my certification or certification eligibility, & any rights or privileges related to the certification process; &, suspend or terminate my examination administration, & my examination score(s).

I understand & agree that it is my responsibility to promptly notify the ACBSP™ of any legal, government agency, or organizational matters in which I am a named party, including, but not limited to: lawsuits; administrative agency actions; professional disciplinary or ethics matters; malpractice claims; complaints related to my professional or business activities; &, matters or proceedings involving criminal charges, lessor offenses or similar matters (ethics disclosure matters). I have reported & fully disclosed to ACBSP all past & current ethics disclosure matters with my Certification Application or Certification Maintenance Registration. I will report & fully disclose any such future matters to the ACBSP™ within sixty (60) days of becoming aware or receiving notice of such matters. I further understand that full disclosure requires the submission of all related documents & materials related to ethics disclosure matters, & all materials required by the ACBSP™. I understand that my failure to satisfy these & related requirements may result in ineligibility for the ACBSP™ certification, or other appropriate action(s), consistent with the ACBSP™ policies & procedures.

I understand & agree that if the ACBSP™ determines that additional information &/or documents are required concerning my compliance with the ACBSP™ Policies, I will provide a complete & accurate response to the requirements in a timely manner. I understand & agree that my refusal or failure to provide proper responses to such information requirements may result in the issuance of sanctions by the ACBSP™.

I understand & agree that the ACBSP™ has the right to communicate with any person, government agency, business, or organization concerning the information I submit to the ACBSP™, including information related to the ACBSP™ certification. I agree to, & authorize, the release of any such information requested or required by the ACBSP™.

I understand & agree that all materials that I submit to the ACBSP™ become the property of the ACBSP™, & that the ACBSP™ is not required to return any of these materials to me.

I understand & agree that upon receipt of an ACBSP™ certification, all professional biographical data concerning me will be considered public information & may be made available to the public upon request.

I understand & agree that certification by the ACBSP™ does not imply licensure, registration, or government authorization to engage in any professional or business activities, including chiropractic sports medicine.

I understand & agree that information related to my participation in the ACBSP™ Certification Programs may be used in a confidential, limited manner for research purposes only.

I understand & agree that the contents of all the ACBSP™ examinations, examination information, & related test materials constitute confidential, proprietary, & private information & materials (ACBSP™ examination information), & the ACBSP™ owns & controls such examination information. I understand & agree that my possession & review of any ACBSP™ examination information is for the sole purpose of taking a certification examination, & that no other person, business, or organization has any license or permission to view, receive, or use any such information. I understand & agree that I am only permitted access to the ACBSP™ examination information for my personal, non-commercial use consistent with the ACBSP™ requirements & policies. I will not disclose, discuss, share, distribute, reproduce, or otherwise disclose the content of the ACBSP™ examination information & materials in any manner.

I understand & agree that all disputes relating in any way to my Certification Application, my certification(s), & any ACBSP™ examination will be resolved solely & exclusively by means of ACBSP™ policies, procedures, & rules, including the Certification Appeals Procedures. I understand & agree that the ACBSP™ retains the sole & exclusive right & discretion to interpret & apply such policies, & to issue & enforce related decisions & actions.

I represent & agree that the information I have provided to the ACBSP™ with respect to the ACBSP™ certification is accurate, complete, & current in all respects. I understand & agree that my submission to the ACBSP™ of any false, misleading, inaccurate, or incomplete information can result in discipline or sanctions related to my Certification Application, or certification(s), including ineligibility, suspension, or revocation.

I authorize the ACBSP™ to share, at its sole discretion, my name, examination score, pass/fail designation, aggregate data, and any additional information relating to my examination with the institution by which I completed my post-graduate training that qualified me for this examination.

I hereby release, discharge & indemnify the ACBSP™, its directors, officers, employees, attorneys, representatives, & agents from any & all actions, suits, obligations, damages, claims or demands whatsoever arising out of, or in connection with:  the ACBSP™ certification; my professional, personal, & business activities; the ACBSP™ certification programs & activities; &, any actions taken by the ACBSP™.

By submitting this registration, I agree to each & all of the terms set forth above.