Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® (CCSP®)

*Due to COVID-19 the ACBSP™ is granting a one-year extension on the time frame for passing exams.*

The CCSP® certification requires post-graduate education in chiropractic sports medicine or a closely related discipline. Licensed doctors of chiropractic who satisfy one of the following, and are able to provide official documentation demonstrating such, are eligible to take the CCSP® examination:

  1. Completed a minimum of 100 hours of postgraduate education in the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians® program at an accredited chiropractic college.
  2. Possess a current Athletic Trainer Certification (ATC)
  3. Completed a Master’s of Science (MS) degree at an accredited college in an equivalent program in the domain of sports medicine
  4. Completed the first year of a sports medicine residency program with an accredited college

All candidates must have completed a post-graduate level hands-on emergency procedures course and a healthcare-provider level CPR certification course with a hands-on component as part of their program or study or in addition to their program.  Online CPR courses that do not include a live, practical component are not acceptable. Candidates must provide documentation of successful completion of both courses prior to sitting for the exam. The CPR certification must be valid on the exam date.

Candidates with a current and valid EMT certification may use this certification in lieu of completing the Emergency Procedures course requirement.  Candidates must provide proof of current and valid EMT certification to meet this requirement.

Once these requirements are met the doctor may submit application to the ACBSP™ national office to take the CCSP® written exam. The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions and is administered in two parts on the same day. The entire exam including the instruction period and mid-exam break is typically scheduled for a five-hour period on a weekend day.

CCSP® certification candidates may attempt the exam up to three (3) times and must pass the exam within three (3) years of the date of completion of the qualifying post-graduate education program (CCSP® or MS program).

CCSP® Exam Application

Congratulations on Completing the CCSP® Certification Exam

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Brian Baldia
Jalen Banks
Emelia Bracken
James Bradley
Paul Caron
Kelly Clark
Nicholas Cress
Adam Davis
Edward De Leon
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Sam Gatz
Cameron Gholampour
Frank Gonzalez
Michael Gorman
Sena Griffith
Victoria Hall
Phillip Hamilton
Dean Hottum
Billy Huddleston
Kenneth Hutchison
Matthew Intile
Leah Johnson
Logan Jones
Emily Kahler
Keoni Kanahele
Melissa Krebsbach
Peter Lam
Chris Lee
Donald Lorentz
Warren Marranca
Austin Mennen
Daniel Meyer
Brian Mikhayloff
Bradley Muse
Andy Pichardo
Jesse Politowski
Jordan Powell
Tyler Rank
Adam Renshaw
Edgar Rivadeneyra
Brad Robbins
Emily Rush
Danielle Ryan
George Saggal
Reed Schulze
Skyler Stevers
Jee Won Suh
Kelly Thompson
Chase Vanderpol
Christopher Ward

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