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Concussion Information

Concussion is a very important topic for health care providers, athletes, parents, and administrative groups. This resource is intended to provide information for any individual interested in learning more about concussion. The information provided reflects the position on concussion of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians™ (ACBSP™). The ACBSP™ promotes the highest standards of excellence and clinical competence for doctors of chiropractic who specialize in sports medicine and physical fitness. The ACBSP™ provides two tiers of certifications: the Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians® (DACBSP®) and the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® (CCSP®). Each of these certifications utilizes a competency-based approach to concussion training and evaluation. The area of concussion management is based upon current literature and includes assessment of candidate knowledge.

The ACBSP™ Position Paper on Concussion is a valuable reference for any individual interested in concussion. This position paper provides answers and recommendations regarding concussion management for ACBSP™ certified doctors of chiropractic, doctors of chiropractic, other medical professionals, parents, athletes, and administrative groups.

Doctors of chiropractic with a current CCSP® or DACBSP® certification are qualified to manage the concussed individual in any patient population. Doctors of chiropractic may be qualified to evaluate, diagnosis and manage the concussed individual. The prerequisite management skills for a concussed athlete can be supported by additional education such as the ACBSP™ Concussion Registry Course (ACR-Course). The terminal degree of the healthcare provider does not necessarily render the individual competent to evaluate and manage the concussed athlete. Mastery of the concussion specific knowledge, skills and abilities to navigate the correct pathways of care are the keys to the successful management of the concussed individual. In fact, the states of Alaska, Arizona, Ohio, and Washington have enacted legislation that allows doctors of chiropractic who maintain a current ACBSP™ certification and are listed on the ACBSP™ Concussion Registry Directory (ACR) to diagnose and manage concussion and/or make return-to-play decisions.

The management of concussion in athletics is an area of sports medicine that is clearly in a continued evolution. Several methods of evaluating and assessing concussion that was once considered standards of care are now defunct. The importance of arriving at correct clinical decisions regarding the assessment, management and return to play criteria of individuals who have sustained concussion remains one of the greatest challenges to sports medicine providers. To assist healthcare providers from any profession who wish to demonstrate a level of competency the ACBSP™ offers an ACR-C.



The purpose of the ACR-Course is to provide a learning format for healthcare providers to voluntarily review current evidence-based concussion management information and to demonstrate competency regarding the evaluations and management of concussion in sport. The healthcare provider will review the course materials and complete an outcome evaluation. The ACR is a list of healthcare professionals who have successfully completed specific training in the evaluation, treatment, and management of concussion in the online, self-paced ACR-Course provided by DConline.

ACBSP™ and DConline collaborate to offer the ACR-Course and the concussion registry. The ACBSP™ administers the registration for the ACR-Course and the listing of healthcare providers on the ACR on ACBSP™ website and DConline provides the content and delivery platform for the ACR-Course. Once the ACBSP™ receives a completed ACR-Course registration form or online order, the healthcare provider’s certification status with the ACBSP™ is verified (if applicable). The ACBSP™ provides DConline the registration information for all qualified and verified healthcare providers upon receiving payment for the course; DConline then initiates the registrant’s access to the course.

The course is updated as new information becomes available regarding sports related concussion.  A major update was completed in July of 2019.

Once a healthcare provider successfully completes the course their name, degree, ACBSP™ certification (if applicable) and date of expiration of their registration in the ACR are listed on the ACR on the ACBSP™ website. In addition, DACBSP® candidates who successfully pass the head trauma station of the DACBSP® practical exam are also listed in the ACR for two years from the date of their practical exam. Each provider’s registration expires two years from the month in which they successfully complete the concussion course.

ACBSP™ certificants may earn CEUs to meet their annual continuing education requirement by completing the ACR-Course. CEUs are awarded 1 CEU/hour actively spent in the online training course up to a maximum of 15 CEUs.

ACR-Course specific information:

  • Time on task: The average learner spends 12.45 hours in the course with an additional 1 hour in the mandatory CDC course; so, the total time commitment is around 13.5 hours. This may change depending upon many factors including prior knowledge, reading rate and technical comfort with distance-based learning.
  • Course delivery: The course uses PowerPoint, videos, narrative lecture, PDFs and outside resources, etc.
  • There are two learning outcome requirements that are comprised of true/false and multiple choice questions.
  • The minimum passing score is 80%.
  • The questions for the outcome will be extracted from the course materials.
  • The registry is not a certification.
  • Healthcare providers who successfully complete the course will be listed on the roster of ACBSP™ Concussion Registry for a two year period.
  • State CEUs are not awarded for this course.

All registrations are completed online using the form below.  If you have questions concerning registration, please call or email Cindy Hayter, Executive Director, at (844) 327-2255 or

Concussion Registry

First NameLast NameCertificationDegreeExpirationState
PaulAboshCCSP®DCNovember 2022MD
AmorAdamsDACBSP®DCMay 2023CA
RebeccaAultCCSP®DCDecember 2021OH
RobertAultCCSP®DCDecember 2021OH
DavidAvolioDACBSP®DCDecember 2022OR
JustinBakerCCSP®DCAugust 2021OH
MorganBaldridgeDACBSP®DCDecember 2021MO
JoseBalsecaCCSP®DCApril 2021NY
TaraBathCCSSSP®DCDecember 2022VA
AbrahamBeaberCCSP®DCMay 2023IN
MayBerglundDACBSP®DCJune 2023MT
ZacharyBernardCCSP®DCMay 2023TX
SeanBillingsCCSP®DCDecember 2022CO
JenniferBishopCCSP®DCMay 2023TX
JenniferBishopCCSP®DCMay 2023TX
ScottBlattCCSP®DCNovember 2022CA
HeatherBowyerCCSP®DCDecember 2021FL
AnthonyBrankerCCSP®DCApril 2021TX
AnthonyBrankerDACBSP®DCJune 2023TX
RachaelBryantDACBSP®DCAugust 2022PA
KurtBryantCCSP®DCMay 2023CA
DanielBucekDACBSP®DCDecember 2022IL
ChadBurtCCSP®DCJanuary 2023TX
JosephBuschCCSP®DCDecember 2022FL
DarinBusseCCSP®DCApril 2021CO
ChaseCarpenterCCSP®DCNovember 2022KS
RandiCaseCCSP®DCOctober 2022NJ
BriannaCheneyCCSP®DCDecember 2022CA
PeggyChinCCSP®DCAugust 2021CA
LandonChristyCCSP®DCNovember 2022TX
KylieClemonsCCSP®DCJanuary 2023OH
ClintCordialCCSP®DCJanuary 2022MT
RonCottrellCCSP®DCJuly 2022CA
ThomasCrabbeDACBSP®DCDecember 2021MA
ChristianaCrawfordCCSP®DCDecember 2020APO AE
AbbeyCrouseCCSP®DCJanuary 2023OH
JosephDaviCCSP®DCApril 2021CA
TyrelDetweilerCCSP®DCDecember 2021OH
JamesDietrickCCSP®DCNovember 2021MI
StephanieDietzCCSP®DCNovember 2021OH
DavidDijkstraCCSP®DCApril 2021NJ
JohnEmdeDACBSP®DCDecember 2022WA
DwaineEverettCCSP®DCMarch 2021OH
MichaelFanningDACBSP®DCJanuary 2022CA
DavidFosterDACBSP®DCSeptember 2021CCA
RichardFoveauxDACBSP®DCSeptember 2021KS
ChristianGedeonCCSP®DCSeptember 2022OH
AustinGoreCCSP®DCApril 2021CO
AustinGoreCCSP®DCApril 2023CO
TomGrantisDCDecember 2021NY
CharlesGrayCCSP®DCDecember 2021AK
PaulaGray-MitchellCCSP®DCMay 2022CA
A. CarloGuadagnoCCSP®DCJanuary 2022FL
DawnHackerDACBSP®DCOctober 2021OK
JohnHaggertyCCSP®DCDecember 2022OH
ChristopherHarrisCCSP®DCApril 2021NC
JeffreyHarrisCCSP®DCJune 2023ID
PatHelmaDACBSP®DCMay 2023CO
PatHelmaDACBSP®DCMay 2023CO
MichaelHerbDACBSP®DCApril 2022OR
DavidHermanCCSP®DCDecember 2021OH
RonaldHernandezDACBSP®DCDecember 2022TX
MelindaHouleDCDecember 2021NH
TylerInfieldDACBSP®DCAugust 2021OH
TylerInfieldDACBSP®DCJune 2023OH
RikkeJohansenCCSP®DCDecember 2022CA
TimothyKeyesCCSP®DCApril 2021OH
DioKimDACBSP®DCAugust 2022CA
PhillipKotzanCCSP®DCMay 2023CA
PhillipKotzanCCSP®DCMay 2023CA
AndrewLakeDACBSP®DCDecember 2022CO
CallieLanceCCSP®DCDecember 2021TN
Warren HLandesbergDACBSP®DCJune 2023NY
KennethLauxCCSP®DCMay 2023OH
KennethLauxCCSP®DCMay 2023OH
RobertLavoieCCSP®DCApril 2021ME
NicoleLeShawCCSP®DCDecember 2022WA
RobinLinsterDACBSP®DCDecember 2022ME
JudyLipkaCCSP®DCApril 2023AL
JudyLipkaCCSP®DCApril 2023AL
TamaraLovelaceDACBSP®DCDecember 2021NH
ChristinaLujanCCSP®DCDecember 2021NM
MichaelLyonsCCSP®DCNovember 2021OH
MindyMarDACBSP®DCDecember 2021CA
BrianMarionCCSP®DCDecember 2022IL
TravisMartinCCSP®DCJune 2023CA
AndrewMcBainDACBSP®DCJanuary 2023VA
JontyMcCoyCCSP®DCDecember 2022OH
JudeMillerCCSPDCNovember 2022TN
AngelaMooreCCSP®DCNovember 2022FL
ScottMooringCCSP®DCDecember 2021MN
ElizabethMoosDACBSP®DCJanuary 2022CA
DouglasMorrisCCSP®DCJune 2023AZ
BrettMosesCCSP®DCMay 2023WA
ChristopherNetleyDCAugust 2022MI
WilliamNicholsCCSP®DCDecember 2021KY
DennisO'HaraDACBSP®DCDecember 2021FL
KellenOtteCCSP®DCApril 2021CA
ThomasOvenellCCSP®DCOctober 2022WA
StevePaganoDACBSP®DCOctober 2022PA
KevinPerrinoCCSP®DCJanuary 2022HI
JeffreyPoplarskiCCSP®DCJune 2023NY
TysonPottengerDCDecember 2022OH
MatthewPyhalaCCSP®DCMay 2023AK
WilliamRamseyCCSP®DCAugust 2021OH
JenniferRasmussenDACBSP®DCDecember 2021IA
ChristopherRaymondCCSP®DCDecember 2021OH
EdgarRodriguezCCSP®DCApril 2021CA
OsvaldoRodriguezDACBSP®DCMay 2023PA
KevinRoseDACBSP®DCDecember 2022CO
KellyRoushCCSP®DCNovember 2021OH
ToddSalowDACBSP®DCMay 2023IA
ToddSalowCCSP®DCMay 2023IA
AndrewSchmutzCCSP®DCAugust 2022OH
DerekSchollCCSP®DCDecember 2022NE
VanceSchuringCCSP®DCMay 2023CO
Ismael AntonioSegarraDACBSP®DCAugust 2021PR
IsmaelSegarraDACBSP®DCMay 2023
RooseveltSmithDCDecember 2021NC
CamiStastnyCCSP®DCApril 2021MO
MatthewTerreriCCSP®DCDecember 2021OR
RandallToalCCSP®DCMay 2023CA
RandallToalCCSP®DCMay 2023CA
TameraTolsonDACBSP®DCDecember 2021KY
GabrielTorresCCSP®DCJune 2023WA
JustinToulouseDCJune 2023CA
StevenTrembeckiCCSP®DCMay 2023
TriciaTrembeckiCCSP®DCMay 2023
JohnUngerDACBSP®DCDecember 2022CO
MarcVan DriesscheDACBSP®DCMay 2022WA
DerekVaughnCCSP®DCApril 2023CO
DerekVaughnCCSP®DCApril 2023CO
LindsayVerboortCCSP®DCMay 2023OR
BrianVetterCCSP®DCDecember 2022OH
KyleVonDeylenCCSSP®DCDecember 2022GA
BlakeWasingerCCSP®DCApril 2021KS
JenniferWattersDACBSP®DCMay 2023CA
JenniferWattersDACBSP®DCMay 2023CA
CatelynWebberDCJune 2023WA
JeffWellsCCSP®DCSeptember 2022OH
ShaunWiebe-BaileyCCSP®DCApril 2021CA
ThomasYoungDACBSP®DCDecember 2022FL
AmandaZimmermanCCSP®DCMay 2023PA
MandyZimmermanCCSP®DCMay 2023PA