Website….Practical Exam….DACBSP Job Analysis….Concussion Course….Covid words…. and a Hearty Welcome! Written Exam check done!

Here is the May update:  

     We have a new website! We thank web developer Jay Ferguson at Xtomic for creating a new and improved website for the ACBSP™. User friendly, faster, better search-ability for the entire website including the directory, less clicking to find things and several other exciting changes – you asked for it and you now have it! It will launch Monday, 31 May 2021. Do not crash it with your excitement of everybody logging in at once!

     The DACSBP® practical exam will be administered in Dallas, Texas, 25-26 June 2021 at Parker University. There are specific COVID-19 protocols in place. Please read them to ensure your eligibility for the testing procedure. Registration has closed.

     It’s that time again – time for the DACBSP® Job Analysis. Yes, it can be tedious to review what you do as a diplomate, but this ensures a fair test plan and testing process for future DACBSP®s. Since testing is what we do, we’d like to get it right. The goal is to test new candidates on the current research and practice methods being used. The JA is the only way to evaluate this. It’s only once every 5 years. Please take the time to complete this survey. It will take you some time, so get some coffee or a glass of wine, settle in and help validate the field of sports chiropractic. The Job Analysis will go out on Monday, May 31st. Please complete this by Wednesday, June 16th.

     If you attended the symposium, you paid for the concussion course and received an access link. Please do NOT forget to take the course. The deadline for completion is July 31, 2021. Do not forget and let your money go to waste! Update yourself on the current concussion protocols and research behind the rationales. Remember you will receive state CEUs only until the deadline.

     Speaking of symposium…wasn’t it great? So many of you sent incredibly positive reviews and we thank you all for sharing. Virtual can never replace live, in person, but many of you felt the value and commented that you felt there was much you could take to work the next day. Dr. Melissa Nagare did an outstanding job handling the technology involved in the presentation. Congratulate her – she has been awarded the President’s Award for Outstanding Service for her role in making the virtual symposium exist!

     So many of you played the symposium COVID word game. There were 12 words. The names of everyone who listed them correctly was put into a hat and the winner of a free CPR recert at the next live symposium is……. Dr. Tamera Tolson!Congratulations!

     The CCSP® and DACSBP® written examination results are out! Congratulations to all new CCSPs and DACBSPs who have completed the first or final step! They will be listed on the website soon.

     And finally, a hearty welcome to Michelle Burch! Michelle will be joining the ACBSP™ home office as our new full time Administrative Assistant. Michelle is a resident of Colorado Springs and started at the national office Tuesday, May 18th. 

     The ACBSP™ is working to make the specialty field of sports chiropractic stronger through solid testing and increasing public awareness to sports chiropractic. Grow with us!